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At the beginning of getting to know Forex, you'll find that there are quite a lot to learn about foreign currency trading, which may cause frustration. In these days, spread wisdom is that the only way to achieve success in Forex is to teach yourself how to trade. Given that there is a high failure rate among traders learn forex trading, will represent that wisdom a viable option ?
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Licenses and international regulatory organizations:

In this section of Tejara Forex sitewe will have a look at the roots and foundations of the financial market which is the regulatory organizationsthat are responsible for making the companies in their countries following the law, they also take care of client (trader) rights, to ensure the work with any brokerage company in any place make sure that it follows the laws of its country and that it has a license registration with one of the regulatory organizationswhich confirms to you the credibility of the company so you will not be fooled by them.

 It is preferred to make sure the brokerage company that you deal with before it's too late, that’s why we collected for you this information about regulatory organizationsand their countries.

Regulatory Organization


Subject to country

NFANational Futures Association: The responsible Authority before the CFTC for the control of the institutions which are under its control and monitoring standards that ensure the rights of traders and their money and investments, to support the international and national  confidence in the financial market of U.S


CySECCyprus Securities and Exchange Commission: Securities Commission of Cyprus


CFTCCommodity Futures Trading Commission: the leading  government organization of the U.S. Congress, specialized in supervision and regulation of financial markets

United States

FSA Financial Services Authority: an independent organization to support and monitor the British government


BCSC British Columbia Securities Commission: a government independent agency that is responsible for regulating the trading of securities in British Columbia


SFC Securities and Futures Commission: it is an  independent authority, not governmental, outside the civil service and responsible for the organization of the securities and the futures markets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

MiFIDMarkets in Financial Instruments Directive: the law of the euro zone that provides licensing and certification of the regulatory system for investment services across the 30 member countries of European economic area

European Union

DMCCDubai Multi Commodities Centre:Authorityestablished the initiative of the Government of Dubai to promote trade flows of commodities through Dubai 

United Arab Emirates



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