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Is it possible for traders to learn on their own
At the beginning of getting to know Forex, you'll find that there are quite a lot to learn about foreign currency trading, which may cause frustration. In these days, spread wisdom is that the only way to achieve success in Forex is to teach yourself how to trade. Given that there is a high failure rate among traders learn forex trading, will represent that wisdom a viable option ?
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Rise in the U.S. dollar in the longest wave of bullish since
The dollar rose for a seventh day against a basket of currencies of its peers , and is the longest winning streak in nearly a year , and pointed out that after the revised data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago that there is a power greater than expected recovery in the U.S. economy.
Russian ruble decreased with increasing severity escalations in Ukraine
Yuan falls to lowest level in a month
The Canadian dollar hit its lowest level in 3 years
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